12 Week Body Transformation Program.

12 weeks to build muscle mass and total body transformation. Ideal if you’re looking to shed off fat & bulk up and add more muscle mass.

Ideal to fully reprogram your body to become more efficient at processing and absorbing nutrients to burn fat and build muscle continuously.
Utilizing Phase 1, 1.5, 2, & 2.5 of my nutrition and training protocols
After completing Phase 1, depending on your new fitness goal, Khoi will put you on his modified intermittent fasting protocol, or one of his other advanced protocols.
12 WEEK custom meal plan using my custom algorithm to determine your daily caloric needs and proper macronutrient ratios to burn fat and build muscle. Meal plans are built around your medical history, food preferences and allergies, and overall goals
Your meal plan will change every 4 weeks or 6 weeks if needed.
THREE 4-WEEK or TWO 6-WEEK (depending on your goals. At discretion of trainer) custom training programs to ensure your muscles don’t get stagnant to build muscle and burn fat, This is optional. You can choose not to include workout program.
Custom supplementation program to ensure recovery and rebuilding of your muscles. Why throw your hard earn money on supplements that don’t work? I have used literally everything and know what works.>
Access to dozens of my delicious healthy recipes to keep your nutrition plan exciting
24/7 access to a dedicated Team Member website for support, motivation, questions, cooking & workout tips.
Access to your coach via email and/or text. You’re able to text your coach up to 3 times per week.  Additional support is available at an additional cost.
Make necessary & constant changes to your diet and training plan depending on progress for 12 WEEKS
ALL programs are INDIVIDUALIZED to you based on your body composition, exercise level and goals, whether it’s losing fat, gain muscle, or both.
Programs are designed around your lifestyle, work schedule, family obligations, and workout schedule.
Your program is fully accessible via our iOS, Android, and Web App to help you keep track of your meal plan on the go; your workout program is at your fingertips with full detailed instructions on how to complete each exercise, track how much weight you lifted to track your progress & growth.
Ability to upload and track your weekly progress pictures. Compare pictures week to week to see your body changes.
Engage with other members on the program for support, motivation & encouragement. Get recipes, meal ideas and great dining out spots while on your program.

$500 One-Time Payment:


12 Week My Fit Body Life Fat Loss Build Muscle Program Couples Bundle

Couples get in shape together! Couples can be same sex or two friends.

$900 One-Time Payment (SAVE $100)


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Introducing an affordable layaway plan to get you on track. With a small downpayment, you can start preparing, planning, and paying towards your My Fit Body Life Program. Pay when you can as much as you can until your plan is paid in full. Once your plan is paid in full, your program will begin.